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 This list is intended as a guide to basic maintenance.  If you are unsure about the correct procedure to use an item, contact our office.  Call out costs for attending to items that are not faulty may be charged to you, the tenants.


Ensure that the catchment/ filter is cleaned out on a regular basis.  Advise Agent if the unit is making any unusual noises or not going through all of the cycles.

Pool Filter

If you are unsure how to operate a filter or how often to chlorinate, call our office or a local pool company for advice.  You are responsible for the care and maintenance of the pool and all equipment.

Electrical Appliances

Some properties have instruction booklets on most of the appliances supplied.  These are usually kept in a kitchen drawer.  If you are unsure of how to use an appliance, contact our office.

Oven/Cooker and Microwave

Some cookers with manual gas ignition may be difficult to ignite.  If you cannot light the cooker, contact our office.  Please be sure not to use any metal objects (including aluminum foil) inside the microwave.  These objects damage the unit.  It must be wiped out more regularly than a conventional oven because the food particles attract microwave energy and take more power.

Gas Smells/Leaks

If you at any time smell gas inside the house, try to pinpoint where the leak is coming from.  Open windows for ventilation, keep children away and call our office immediately.  Do not light any cigarettes/matches until the problem is resolved.


If at any time there is water ‘gushing’ from a pipe, toilet or dishwasher, switch off the water mains (tap at the water meter) before calling the Agent/Plumber. 

Many pipes/drains become blocked/backed up due to hair and soap residue build up, especially in showers.  Care should be taken as to what is put down sinks to ensure that the inconvenience of blocked pipes does not occur.


Check with your local garden shop about cheap and easy ways to maintain your garden using garden care products.  There are products available for fertilisation and weeding of lawns that are both quick and cost effective and which include water saving granules.


If there is a stain that cannot be removed, contact a qualified carpet cleaner for advice as serious damage could result in replacement at the cost of the Tenant.  Please avoid spot cleaning carpets as this may leave permanent bleach stains.

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